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We provide a new quality and convenience to the food ingredients market. We are specializing in applying dried fruit ingredients in various applications challenging the current status quo.

Our customers are as important to us as our products. Our aim is to provide flexible deliveries, solving problems with logistics in a controlled atmosphere and minimize food losses during the logistics chain. We are also happy to share the knowledge and assist our customers during the process of the product development.

We believe that we can fulfill this promise using the proper technologies: Freeze Drying, Spray Drying and Vacuum Belt Drying are state of the art technologies we are happy to share with you.


We do help our customers solving the challenges of the food market.


Knowing where the goods are coming from and where they are heading.


We keep our focus on minimizing the costs of logistics and handling which are frequently the hidden enemy of the day to day work.


Raw material which is ready to use, immediately you need it.

Just in time

Flexible approach to deliveries. We handle the product which is light and easy to transport therefore we can reach you easily wherever you are based.


How can we make carbon dioxide emission lower?

One-stop solutions

We are building our success on own production base and support the growth of our products portfolio on fair partnerships. Careful selection of companies provides the opportunity to expand our operations into new areas. We are open of cooperation in accessing new raw materials and services which comply with our own asset base.

MLB Biotrade is focusing its operational activities on drying processes. Our core technologies are Freeze Drying and Spray Drying which we do internally. Based on the customers’ needs we are also using third-party services to provide one-stop solutions and save the time of our partners.

The quality is never a compromise for us. We are processing carefully selected raw materials which are being checked and examined during the whole process.

Drying technologies


Freeze-drying (lyophilization) is a special process where frozen raw materials (fruits, vegetables, puree, concentrates) are placed in a refrigerated vacuum and ice crystals in the product are sublimated into water vapor. Thanks to high vacuum conditions and low temperature during the process the cell structure of the original raw material remains intact. This keeps the original form of food, preserves consistency and nutritional value as opposed to air-dried food products.

Characteristics of the process

Temperature Heat exposure Preassure
Very low/Low Long Very low

Main product features: premium sensorial properties, quick rehydration and good solubility, organoleptic features (flavor, aroma, color, structure, shape) comparable with fresh raw material, low AW-value.


Vacuum belt-drying

The continuous vacuum belt dries high viscosity liquids or pasty raw material that is difficult to process by spray drying type at low temperatures and produce the highly soluble dried products in comparatively short time. Required dry matter of final products is regulated by adjustable parameters such as feeding volume, conveying velocity, temperature and pressure. Recommended for heat-sensitive liquid raw materials.

Characteristics of the process

Temperature Heat exposure Preassure
Low/Medium Moderate Very Low/Low

Main product features: very good water solubility of powders, low loss of aroma and color, high level of active ingredients



The spray drying technology consists of spraying a liquid raw material (fruit or vegetable concentrates, soft extracts) into thin droplets in a chamber where warm air is brought. The water contained in the liquid is instantly evaporated and finally, we get thin powders. Product after dilution in water, regain most of the input material characteristics. Recommended for instant products where powder properties such as good flowability, dispersibility and visual appearance are key parameters.

Characteristics of the process

Temperature Heat exposure Preassure
Medium/High Very short Atmospheric

Main product features: instant soluble in cold water, High level preservation of organoleptic features (flavor, aroma, color), free-flowing and dust free powders



It is a method of separating liquid or solid mixtures with a liquid solvent. The solvents include water (aqueous extraction), methanol, ethanol, ethyl acetate or hexane and others (solvent extraction). The process involves extraction, distillation, concentration, drying and standardization.

All process is designed to give a high recovery of herbal extracts using optimum solvents levels, lesser extraction time, lesser distillation and concentration time. The extracts have intact phytonutrients with high concentrations of phytochemicals in the extracts. Extracts can be produced from leaves, flowers, roots or fruits of plants.

Main product features: high phytochemicals concentration, possible liquid and solid powdered form, soluble in water


Packing / Private label production

We can offer packing services of our products into retail packages on customer request. Sizes and weights can be negotiated. Products are packed with attention to the smallest detail so that the articles are properly protected against the harmful effects of external factors, moisture, light and impurities.


Our Products

Freeze Drying, Spray Drying and Vacuum Belt Drying are state of the art technologies we are happy to share with you. Choose the product perfect for you.

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Dried Products


Freeze-dried products are tasty, full of aroma and nutritional values. They retain flavor and color characteristics from their fresh raw material. We can offer a wide range of fruits/vegetables also in Organic quality with various cut sizes including powdered form.

  • Main application: cereals, snack bars, snacks, chocolates, smoothies, yogurts, beverages.


Dried Products


Our fruits are dried with hot air. Without the addition of preservatives, sugar or sweeteners, the composition is 100% fruit. Our air-dried products are characterized by a higher level of humidity than freeze-dried ones, making them softer and more suitable for products with less barrier packaging.

  • Main application: cereals, granola, snack bars, snacks, chocolates, teas, ready meals.


Dried Powders


Concentrated juices (fruit/vegetable) in the powder form based on a carrier. These products after dissolution regain most of the input material characteristics. High level of flavor, aroma and color make them great ingredient of food instant products and supplements.

  • Main application: instant food products, milk products, food supplements, smoothie, teas.




Our extracts are manufactured from natural carefully selected raw materials in recommended EU plants to guarantee their authenticity and high quality. We offer an innovative and well-developed product portfolio currently applied in the nutraceutical, food, beverage and cosmetic industries.

  • Main application: food supplements, cosmetics, beverages.



Fruit Powder Solutions

MLB Biotrade specializes in the Fruit Powder solutions and we have a good reason to claim our products to be superior in this form to most of the solution offered on the market. Here is why:

1. Highest quality of the raw material

Our fruit powders are produced from the whole fruits being freshly Freeze Dried – the same quality standards we set for the pieces of fruits are applied to the powders. We do not process non Class A fruits to provide superior experience and ultimate fruity flavor.

Our fruits are sourced in most cases locally from the farmers we know, it is important for us to have a personal relationship with growers as our company is growing also some of the fruits we process (see our plantations of aronia berries). We know the fruits are coming quickly from the field to freezing company and afterwards we are getting the goods initially cleaned for our processing.

We pay a lot of attention to set the fair prices for the farmers and built the growth of our company based on the long-term relationships with the farmers cultivating the fruits responsibly and in accordance with the social standards

2. Exceptional 99,9% powders purity

One of the biggest threats in the powders are the mineral and ferromagnetic impurities which can be easily overlook in the powder forms but can spoil the taste and the experience. As there are no legal requirements for the purity of the powder in the EU market we have set the standards for our own. Practically there is no risk of health hazard of the foreign bodies after milling, but we believe it is not actually enough.

Our approach is based on 4 steps powder processing to achieve at least 99,9% level of purity.

Step 1. Freeze Dried Fruits input

Thanks to Freeze Drying technology the first cleaning is being done on the IQF processing which gives us as security we handling the raw material already cleaned and perfectly suitable for powdering. Comparing to Air Dried products based on our experience we are practically free from the pieces of sand or stones which can cause problems with ferromagnetic impurities at the later stages, especially milling itself.

Step 2. Proper milling equipment

Our mill is equipped with changeable sieves which are specially constructed to provide additional cutting abilities in order to make the milling as quick and gentle as possible. The less time spend in the mill means the less risk of contamination with stainless steel microparticlaes which can also affect the quality of the final product. Secondly it means less heating during the milling which keeps the Freeze Dried fruits freshness and keeps natural fruits sugars not harmed by the friction forces.

Step 3. Magnetic bars cleaning

The next step of providing the security is passing through 2-stage magnetic bars which are able to eliminate any ferromagnetic particles which were tight with the fruits and could have passed the previous steps but were freed after the milling process.

Step 4. Metal detection

In the final step just before the product gets into the bags we are verifying the previous steps has done their job well. Metal detection is done on the free flowing sensitive metal detector and goods are getting directly to bags which are weight and sealed immediately afterward.

3. The homogeneous structure of the particles in the powders

It is not less important to have the stable and homogenous structure of the fruits’ powders in the final applications. What can be unnoticed during the direct consumption in the industrial application can cause a lot of troubles. Thanks to our milling and sieving combined system we are able to offer powders which are actually meeting your expectations in terms of mesh size and particle shapes. It is important to have the same quality of the powders which is giving the unique and proper feature to your final product. Let us guarantee it.

4. The controlled level of humidity strengthened by shortening the exposure to ambient environment

Our system of milling, sieving and packing is based in the humidity and temperature-controlled area. Thanks to that we are able to mill in clean and well controlled atmosphere very vulnerable raw materials which are Freeze Dried fruits. The prolonged exposure to humidity is causing the loss of crunchiness of the fruits and is main cause why the Freeze Dried fruit powders are getting clumping. We have spent years mastering the process of preparing the fruit powders and eliminate potential drawbacks. We have the solutions and are ready to share them with you.

Do you have your own raw material for processing? Please ask us for the our services.


How we work



Our journey started with the cultivation therefore, we are aware of how important is getting perfectly fresh raw material from the field. Based on our experience in the cultivation of Aronia and Blackcurrant we have built the wide network of partners supporting us with the acquisition of the best quality fruit raw material.


We source from the partners who follow and understand our philosophy of acquiring raw materials.



We inspect all batches on our own or request analysis from our supplier. We want to be sure our claims are supported by external lab analysis.


We are building our success on own production base and support our growth with fair partnerships. Careful selection of companies provides the opportunity to expand our operations into new areas. We are open of cooperation in accessing new raw materials and services which comply with our own asset base. Our team has over 10 years of mastering the crucial technologies we are offering: Freeze Drying and Spray Drying.

Quality control


Before we dispatch the goods to you, we are checking them carefully. We are confirming the parameters, perform analysis of the quality and standardize the products with a defined assay. We perform also packaging and blending services to offer you ready to sell products.



Our target is to make it easy and flexible. We do our utmost to deliver the products which are easy for handling, therefore we have standardized our packing system. Universal size of boxes which fits the EURO pallet perfectly allows us to deliver the goods worldwide regardless of the mean of transport.

And more


We work closely with R&D subsidiaries of the leading polish Universities. We are able to provide the customization, designing, verification and analytical tests of the newly developed products.
Please, ask for more details upon your interests.


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We are open

We are open of cooperation in accessing new raw materials and services which comply with our own asset base. Try us.

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